Monday, January 12, 2009

Wow! An Award!

How awesome! I just saw that Felinesrus had left me an award on her blog! Thanks so much!! I really do appreciate that, and you made my night!

The rules of this award are to just pass this along
to 5 other artists that you think are incredibly
talented and deserve this award! So... I'm awarding it to the following people.

1. Sweetie Pea Scraps
2. RyLee's This N That Scraps
3. Kimmie's Kreations
4. I got Lucky Skraps
5. ScrappinDaisy

Saturday, January 10, 2009

New kits and a Freebie!!

Woo Hoo!!!

Today's Saturday.. and time for new kits at CILM!

I had three new ones this month to release, and the previews are below.
And they can be purchased HERE

There's also a HUGE Bonus tube promo going on right now until Monday Jan 12th @ 9PM PST... If you spend at least $15 in actual dollars.. you get free tubes! Sale code is CILM10 and you can read the rest of the details HERE

And yes.. the frog clip arts are hand drawn by myself!

Now I have a freebie for you, and this one will co-ordinate with the Feelin' Froggy Kit. These frames and papers are not included in the kit, but are only available here, so make sure to pick them up while you're here.

And don't forget.. I love to see what anyone's doing with my kits, or pieces of kits, be it stats, tags, tuts or whatever! Feel free to email me, my email should be over in the sidebar.. :) If you're using them in a tut, let me know that too so I can link you here on my blog!

So without further ado... the freebie preview is below.

and you can download it HERE

and feel free to scroll down and pick up my last freebie-addon.... I think it was somehow missed by the digi-free search :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year Freebie and a Sale!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous holiday and a safe New Year celebration!

Today I wanted to clear up a misconception people had asked me about "Tagger Size" kits. That doesn't just mean they are smaller in size that full sized ones.. In general, most taggers use art when making their creations. The artists do NOT allow these creations to be printed. So really there is no sense in making a tagger scrap at 300 DPI.

They look absolutely the same on everyone's monitor as the 72 DPI scraps, and it's so much less confusing on the tagger. It is not any more crisp or clear... and all it does is take up more space on your PC. Tagger scraps are not made with the intentions of printing. That's something even many designers don't understand.

OK.. so with that being said and out of the way...

CILM is having a sale with a LOTTO!!!

Items eligible for this sale are 6 and 12-pack custom packs, regular packs, combo packages, individual images/tubes and scrap kits. Please do not order anything that is not on sale (3-Pack Custom Packs or Gift Certificates <-not on sale) with the coupon.

If you do you will short CILM the amount you are supposed to pay and they'll have to manually charge the difference to you. Order 3-Pack Custom Packs and Gift Certificates separately without the coupon.

Every three hours until the sale is done CILM is going to give away 1 free tube pack to one lucky winner that orders at least $15 worth of CILM stuff. So starting at 4pm PST today (January 1st) they give away a tube pack to a lucky winner from 4pm to 7pm... then again 7pm to 10pm... then again 10pm to 1am and so on until the sale is complete. By the end of the sale they'll be handing out over 25 tube packs to 25 lucky winners! Woohooo!

Sale ends on January 4th - 9pm PST

Here's a link to my kits to get you started! And the coupon code is CILM25

What a great bargain! And I also do have combo packs for my scraps where you can buy them all at once for an even bigger bargain!

Now for the freebie... This freebie co-ordinates with my Winter's Whisper kit. These items are not included in the kit, but are extras only available here on my blog.. so be sure to pick them up.. my links don't expire at this time, so if you'd like to share.. please just share my blog link.. I do not allow re-uploading to other sites for my kits.. nor do I allow them to be shared through groups or email.

Download Freebie HERE

Thanks for visiting!!