Sunday, October 12, 2008

Showing off a New Tag

Hello again!! I thought as long as I was here, I should also show some of what can be done with some of the other great scrapkits at CILM :)
We've got some really awesome designers, and what better way to spotlight them as well other than making tags and showing them off to you all!

For this tag.. I've used Sweetie Pea's new scrapkit Winter's A Coming. The frame is actually not part of the tag, but I did add that since the tag background was white.. and well, figured it might not look so hot against my black background :)

It's really a simple tag. I started with a template, and the kit, which I recolored to match the tube, a few brushes for the background, and some word art.

Credits for above tag are as follows...

Artwork © Jennifer Janesko Licensed thru CILM
Scrapkit by SweetiePea Scraps
Template by Just Dreamin Tutorials
Word Art by Bethany
Brushes by Stephanie Shimerdla - Obsidian Dawn

Until next time!!

hugs, Julie

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